Arizona is Key to President Trump’s Re-election

Trump sets eyes on Arizona, now a crucial battleground state for 2020 election

Arizona has enjoyed visits from President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence; Ivanka Trump, and Melania Trump!

VP Pence visited Grand Canyon University on Sept. 18 for a roundtable hosted by the Libre Institute, a conservative group that engages and informs the U.S. Hispanic community on the benefits of a free and open society, limited government, free enterprise and property rights. Pence then visited a resort in the Phoenix-area city of Litchfield Park for a “Veterans for Trump” event.

During a roundtable Sept. 16 in Phoenix, Arizona, “First Daughter” Ivanka Trump called Arizona a success story of how to rebound after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic

Trump’s re-election campaign went all-out in an effort to keep Arizona’s 11 electoral votes in the Republican column. Campaign visits began with Donald Trump on Sept. 14 and continue when presidential son Donald Trump Jr. visited Chandler on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Opinion: Arizona has received a largely-liberal influx of residents from California and South America during the past decade. Historically, Hispanics have tended to heavily favor Democrats; but this is changing, as Trump’s successful policies have been winning them over. A lot of Californians leave their home state because they are disheartened by roaring fires, high taxes, homeless camps, lack of electricity and an all-around nanny-state culture. Unfortunately, once they land in a safe haven, many of them tend to vote for the same failed policies they left. It’s up to other Arizonans to vote for freedom.