Daily Outrage

9/22/20: Link of the day: Twitchy – Twitter censors Tucker Carlson’s expose on George Soros funding anti-police prosecutors as ‘sensitive content’.

9/19/20: Finally uploaded the first draft of MohaveGOP. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg died Sept. 18. Suddenly, all the Democrats who were incensed at the Republicans for not filling a Supreme Court vacancy in the months prior to Trump’s inauguration say they were wrong to be outraged and we should not fill it this time because, well, orange man bad.

6/1/2020: There is a great deal to be outraged about this week. The Chinese Virus is still percolating throughout the country and, last I looked, Antifa and Associates were still trashing our cities, with little regard for who owns whatever object they are stealing, smashing or burning. On the bright side — there is no bright side.

Coincidentally, nearly all of the cities under siege are controlled by Democrats, in states with Democrat governors. In Minneapolis, for example, it has been 46 years since a Republican served as mayor. Republican Dick Erdall, served for one day — Dec. 31, 1973 — after Mayor Charles Stenvig resigned a day before incoming Mayor (and Democrat) Albert Hofstede could be sworn in. Stenvig returned to the police department as a lieutenant, and Erdall back to service on the Minneapolis City Council. Dems have controlled the Governor’s chair since 2003, after Tim Pawlenty replaced Jesse Ventura, an “Independent.”