Border Patrol arrests sex offenders, criminal aliens in the Rio Grande Valley

EDINBURG, Texas – Over the weekend, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents arrested three sex offenders and two members of violent criminal organizations.

Rio Grande City agents working near Roma, Texas, on Nov. 13 arrested a Guatemalan national, later identified as Amos Nemias Lopez-Ramirez, shortly after he illegally entered the United States. During processing, record checks revealed he is a confirmed Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member. Records revealed he had previously been arrested in Virginia by the Harrisonburg Police Department for assault and sentenced to five years incarceration.

That same day, McAllen agents working in Los Ebanos, Texas, arrested a Guatemalan national whose record checks identified him as Jose Cottoc-Machic. Furthermore, agents discovered the man was previously arrested in Alabama by the Russellville Police Department and charged with sexual assault-rape 2nd degree. A judge sentenced Cottoc-Machic to eight years imprisonment but suspended his sentence to three months and five years probation.

The following morning, Falfurrias, Texas, agents arrested Jose Vasquez-Chavez, a Salvadoran national attempting to circumvent the immigration checkpoint. During processing, record checks revealed he had previously been arrested by the Katy Police Department for sexual assault of a child, convicted, and sentenced to two years confinement.

Later that evening, McAllen agents arrested a Mexican national, later identified as Fernando Jimenez-Rodriguez, after he illegally entered the United States.

Jose Tomas Vasquez-Chavez, convicted sex offender.

During processing, his record checks revealed a previous arrest by the Dallas Police Department for indecency with a child. Jimenez-Rodriguez received a two year prison sentence.

On Nov. 16, Rio Grande city agents on patrol near the Rio Grande in Roma, Texas, arrested a Mexican national after he was rafted across the river by a human smuggler. During processing, the man identified himself as a member of a criminal organization, Los Metros, which has been identified as a faction of the Gulf Cartel.

Vote ‘NO’ on Proposition 208

Proposition 208 is the wrong plan at the wrong time. It will have far-reaching negative impacts on our economy and cause further damage to small businesses as they continue to battle back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passing the largest tax increase in Arizona history at our most vulnerable time is the wrong strategy!

Worse, Proposition 208 is being bankrolled by out-of-state special interest groups that are attempting to raise our taxes to the TOP TEN HIGHEST in the country, while ignoring the devastating impacts that will have on our economy.

Some Key Facts About Prop. 208, “Invest in Education Act”

Proposition 208 increases the top individual state income tax rate from the current 4.5% to 8% — a 77.7% increase, vaulting Arizona into the top-10-highest income tax rates in the country. The tax increase dramatically undermines Arizona’s welcoming environment for small businesses, which pay their taxes on the individual portion of the tax code, not the corporate tax code. Fifty percent of taxpayers whose tax rates will be directly targeted are small business owners. (Source: Goldwater Institute.)

“If Proposition 208 passes, small businesses will pay a higher top tax rate than big business—even the Fortune 500—but you wouldn’t know that by watching the proponents’ ads,” No on Prop. 208 Chairman Jaime Molera said.  “The proponents’ ads fail to disclose that Proposition 208 won’t do anything to enhance teachers’ base pay. That’s because the initiative relies on the most volatile slice of tax revenues. No school district would base its budgets and teacher contracts on such an unpredictable source.”

The proposition would funnel millions of dollars into the educational system — yes, system, not classrooms. Tax money collected via Prop. 208 “would be placed in the student support and safety fund, to be used first to pay the administrative costs of implementing, administering and enforcing the measure…”

Whatever is leftover then would be divided by formula via grants to school districts, charter schools, the state education system, etc. “The grant monies could be used for a variety of purposes,” so don’t be surprised if your tax money is used to fund new curriculum in subjects you disagree with. (1619 Project, anyone?)

VOTE “NO” on Proposition 208.

Daily Outrage

9/22/20: Link of the day: Twitchy – Twitter censors Tucker Carlson’s expose on George Soros funding anti-police prosecutors as ‘sensitive content’.

9/19/20: Finally uploaded the first draft of MohaveGOP. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg died Sept. 18. Suddenly, all the Democrats who were incensed at the Republicans for not filling a Supreme Court vacancy in the months prior to Trump’s inauguration say they were wrong to be outraged and we should not fill it this time because, well, orange man bad.

6/1/2020: There is a great deal to be outraged about this week. The Chinese Virus is still percolating throughout the country and, last I looked, Antifa and Associates were still trashing our cities, with little regard for who owns whatever object they are stealing, smashing or burning. On the bright side — there is no bright side.

Coincidentally, nearly all of the cities under siege are controlled by Democrats, in states with Democrat governors. In Minneapolis, for example, it has been 46 years since a Republican served as mayor. Republican Dick Erdall, served for one day — Dec. 31, 1973 — after Mayor Charles Stenvig resigned a day before incoming Mayor (and Democrat) Albert Hofstede could be sworn in. Stenvig returned to the police department as a lieutenant, and Erdall back to service on the Minneapolis City Council. Dems have controlled the Governor’s chair since 2003, after Tim Pawlenty replaced Jesse Ventura, an “Independent.”

This site is launching the week of Sept. 20

This site is being updated daily, now that the riots (excuse me, “peaceful protests”) have temporarily tapered off (I did say “temporarily”) and CNN has moved on to more important issues: like, does the President still get more scoops of ice cream than other people at the dinner table. Come back and visit soon.